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How Do You Qualify for an FHA Mortgage?

The mortgage qualification may be confusing to borrowers. Collecting documents, verifying financial information, and more may seem overwhelming. The type of mortgage that you choose, will dictate the specific requirements and documentation required. This is why working with a skilled, experienced, knowledgeable loan officer is so important. Depending on your financial situation, job status, and..

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Mandeville Mortgage Loan Officer: Marilyn Weller

From calling Mandeville and the North Shore home to helping her clients purchase and refinance their homes, Standard Mortgage loan Officer Marilyn Weller is here for all of your mortgage needs. Marilyn grew in Madisonville and attended St. Scholastica Academy before attending Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. While at LSU Marilyn studied marketing with a concentration in professional..

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Loan Officers

Madeline Pellerin: Lafayette Mortgage Loan Officer

Madeline Pellerin is a Louisiana-licensed mortgage loan officer for Standard Mortgage. An Acadiana native, she is happy to serve Louisiana residents out of the Lafayette branch. She says, “Acadiana feels like home. It’s a place where strangers become friends, and friends become like family.” Since each loan situation is different, making sure each client’s transaction is a success presents its..

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