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    Credit Scores: How are They Calculated? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Your credit score is your ticket for borrowing money. Your track record of making timely payments, using money responsibly, and keeping the amount of money you owe to a minimum are a few of the factors that can improve and enhance your credit rating. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to not only receive financing for large purchases like a car or home; you can also benefit..

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    Dallas Mortgage Loan Officers: The Benefits of an FHA Loan

    There are different features, benefits, and processes as it relates to  mortgage loan products. Certain loan products are designed to help provide affordable mortgage loans to homebuyers. FHA loans are an example of this type of product. While conventional loans and other government backed mortgages typically have more stringent qualification requirements, FHA programs offer benefits to provide a..

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    Dallas Mortgage Lender: The Mortgage Process from Pre-Approval to Closing

    The home buying process is exactly that; a process.  While it may seem complicated, our loan officers at Standard Mortgage are here to help guide you through the process. Before you begin shopping for a new home, it’s vital to have your financing lined up.  Below we outline the necessary steps for obtaining a mortgage for your new home and we will ensure you have a smooth experience!

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