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    Five Differences Between Rural Development and Conventional Loans

    When you are purchasing a home you have several different financing options.  Two of the most common and convenient choices are a USDA rural development loan and a conventional mortgage.  But how do you know which loan is best for you?  While both of these mortgages can achieve your goal of homeownership, one can be more advantageous than the other depending on your specific situation. Down..

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    Conventional Loan Limits are on the Rise:  What Does that Mean for You?

    2021 conventional loan limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are increasing again for the fifth consecutive year. If you are considering buying a home during this New Year, the loan limit increases may give you more purchasing power and enable you to buy your dream home!

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    Rural Development Loans:  Comparing USDA Mortgages to Conventional Loans

    If you are planning on buying a home in a suburban or rural area, you may have more financing options beyond a conventional mortgage. The United States Department of Agriculture backs rural development loans to promote and increase economic development and homeownership in areas outside of metropolitan populations. This program can be very beneficial if the property you are looking at..

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