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    Change of Information


    If you have recently made changes to your contact information or experienced a substantial life event, please either fill out, and submit a CHANGE NOTICE form located in your coupon book or submit changes within eStatus Connect.


    Changes that should be reported are:

    1. Mailing Address
    2. Email Address
    3. Address change
    4. Phone number change
    5. Social security number correction
    6. Other life events:

    Divorce: If titleholders are divorced, please attach a copy of the recorded divorce decree.

    Death: If either titleholder is now deceased, please attach a copy of the death certificate and any available documentation concerning property succession or inheritance.

    Marriage: If marriage has occurred, please attach a copy of the marriage license.

    Name change: If there has been a legal name change, please attach a copy of the recorded document evidencing the change.

    Please continue to use your existing supply of coupons while we change your information.