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    Chad Gulledge: Shreveport Mortgage Loan Officer

    For over 40 years, Chad Gulledge has called Shreveport, Louisiana home.  And for the past 30 years, he’s been adding to the family-friendliness of northwest Louisiana by helping people purchase homes.  That is his favorite part of being a loan officer, working with people, and creating solutions that get his clients in houses. 

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    Sharon Robbins: Baton Rouge Mortgage Officer

    For over 13 years, Sharon Robbins has been helping home buyers in Baton Rouge at Standard Mortgage.

    With over 33 years of experience in mortgage banking, ranging from origination and processing to production today, Sharon enjoys opening doors and taking on challenging cases.  The clock and the calendar don’t deter or limit Robbins’ commitment to her clients.  A true love for her job and the..

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    Mortgage Tax Benefits: Learn More About Tax Deductions

    One financial benefit of having a home mortgage is being able to take advantage of certain mortgage-related tax deductions. Depending on whether you take the standard deduction or itemize your deductions, you may be able to lower your overall income tax burden by reducing your taxable income further with mortgage-related deductions. If you itemize your deductions, including these..

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