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    Austin Roser: Dallas Mortgage Loan Officer

    New Orleans native Austin Roser has always had an interest in the housing market. Even as a young child growing up in the Crescent City, he was fascinated by the different homes in the area, researching floor plans, styles, and architecture. In fact, he considered a career as an architect but his joy of interacting with people led him into the mortgage sector.Roser started his mortgage career in..

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    Dallas Mortgage Lending: The Benefits of an FHA Loan

    There are different features, benefits, and processes as it relates to  mortgage loan products. Certain loan products are designed to help provide affordable mortgage loans to homebuyers. FHA loans are an example of this type of product. While conventional loans and other government backed mortgages typically have more stringent qualification requirements, FHA programs offer benefits to provide a..

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    Everything You Need to Know About Mortgage Insurance

    Depending on the size of your down payment or the amount of equity in your home, you may have to pay for mortgage insurance. This additional cost will increase your monthly payment. Let’s take a closer look at what private mortgage insurance, or PMI, is, how long you’ll have to pay for it, how it’s calculated, and how it can be avoided.

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