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    Dallas Mortgage Lending: 10 Benefits that VA Loans offer Veterans

    The path to homeownership might seem particularly steep in a world where recessions happen, home values continuously increase, and student loan and credit card debt seem to only go up.  Members of our military and veterans of the United States may face an even steeper slope.  Members of our military are often serving during the years that most non-military Americans are building their credit,..

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    Dallas Home Loans: A Mortgage Glossary for First Time Homebuyers

    When it comes to buying a new home, different terms will be used, and you may not be familiar with all of them. This is especially true if you are a first-time homebuyer. It might seem like mortgages have their own language, from all of the different lenders and varying processes, documents, and requirements. To help decipher the mortgage language, we have put together this helpful glossary of..

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    Dallas Mortgage Loan Officers: The Benefits of an FHA Loan

    There are different features, benefits, and processes as it relates to  mortgage loan products. Certain loan products are designed to help provide affordable mortgage loans to homebuyers. FHA loans are an example of this type of product. While conventional loans and other government backed mortgages typically have more stringent qualification requirements, FHA programs offer benefits to provide a..

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