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    Summer Grade

    Summer Grade

    Loan officer in Dallas, TX


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    Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer in Texas, Colorado and South Carolina


    NMLS# 2159750

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    Richardson, TX 75081
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    Mesquite, Texas native, Summer Grade, started her career in the mortgage lending sector as a loan account manager in commercial real estate. However, she soon realized that the fast-paced, self-driven environment of life as a mortgage loan officer, combined with the opportunity to help people, would be a great opportunity.


    After taking college courses in high school and earning a 4.0 GPA, Summer attended and graduated from DCCCD College with a degree in business administration. Community involvement and service was and continues to be a passion for Grade. While in college she was a leading participant in “Nerd Night”, a group that met twice a month and donated their proceeds to different organizations. Through JROTC she also worked with the Special Olympics, food and clothing drives, and other community service opportunities. Continuing to be a part of diverse and community service-oriented area is one of her favorite things about the market that she serves.


    In spite of the challenges of being a new mortgage loan officer, Summer loves the opportunity to learn something new everyday. “Every single loan is different and requires undivided attention. But the day-to-day challenges and tackling them is what makes me fall in love with being a loan officer.” Developing the connections and relationships with her clients and earning their trust is the most rewarding part of her job. “They trust me to let me into their private lives and I am grateful for that,” says Summer.


    At Standard Mortgage there is a family-oriented environment. While this industry is a competitive one, Standard takes a different approach based on patience, guidance, and knowledge. “Shout out to Gordy Bright for taking me under his wing. I would not be as successful as I have been with Gordy’s guidance.” Standard’s portrayal of empathy and focus on producing satisfactory results for their customers is what sets the company apart and above the competition, according to Summer.


    Summer and her husband are the proud parents of a young son. In fact, she prepared for her MLO certification, passing the test with flying colors, all while raising a newborn. “I can easily say that is one of my greatest accomplishments in life,” remarks Summer. When she isn’t helping her clients or corralling her “Tasmanian Devil” of a son, she enjoys quality family time that includes reading science fiction, playing the piano, and cooking with her husband.




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    Our family was really taken care of. We strongly recommend Standard Mortgage!

    Dustin R.


    Excellent customer service, great rates and very professional!

    Richard V.


    Quick responding time. Answered any questions I had and helped me understand every step of the process.

    Jeanne G.


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